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Control of the quality of leaflet distribution

Do you know how many of your leaflets (in percentage) have really found their way to the potential customers?
For every town in which you have a shop / point of sale!?
For every neighbourhood in that town!?

Every lost or undelivered leaflet represents a double loss:

  1. The cost of graphics preparation, printing and distribution was paid in vain.
  2. Potential customers have not received the information about your product or service.

We offer you a professional service for the control of the quality of the distribution of leaflets in the field.
The control is mainly done in the so called „four eyes” manner, i.e. the representative of Flink and the representative of the distribution company do a joint control.

We can organize the control of the distribution of leaflets throughout the Republic of Croatia. Thanks to a large number of controllers we can proceed with controls in all areas at the same time.
All our controllers are educated and trained for the named job. They work according to our standards and use our reporting forms.  

Our client can choose between the possibility to receive one cumulative report and / or individual reports.

If you have any further questions or want to receive a concrete offer, please don’t hesitate to contact us.