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Optimization of the leaflet distribution area

In case you distribute your leaflets in a town within an area of distribution that you defined a long time ago, you have to ask yourself:
How did you choose that area? Would the distribution in another area be more effective?

Are there somewhere potential customers who do not receive your leaflets with the information about your products?  Could they bring you a remarkable income? Or the other way round, are there any places where you distribute your leaflets, but the distribution turned out not to be profitable?  

Throughout our long-term experience we have developed some sophisticated methods for the measurement /analysis/documenting of the profitability of the distribution of leaflets in individual parts of the town / place.  

The method is based on the survey of customers in shops and collection of data about the place of living, the frequency of purchase, the amount of purchase etc.

We have also developed a method for data analysis and documenting which was reviewed and adjusted by statistic and maths university teachers.

All reports which you receive allow you an immediate action and decision making about the adjustment / change of the area of distribution.

We call that – the Optimization of the leaflet distribution area.

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